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This is how we started…


Visiting a church family in 2000, Pastor Pan Xiu-Xia met a mother caring for her child with Down syndrome. Pastor Pan also noticed other children with special-needs in the community. Their parents had the responsibility of caring for these children without any outside support. So, Pastor Pan decided to start a regular weekly meeting for these families.  The first meetings included one intellectually challenged child, two children with Down syndrome, and three mothers. They met every Sunday to share information, discuss mutual challenges and seek support.  After twenty-some years, the small group has grown into a foundation named “Family of Joy” with more than 150 families holding regular meetings throughout the week.

Our Service

Weekday Joy Station


The Weekday program is mainly designed for the special-needs children. It allows caregivers, usually the parents, a break during the day. The program goes from 9am to 4pm. Children learn and participate in physical exercises, living skills, music and arts, community connection and basic job training.

Sunday School

Sunday program have both morning and afternoon classes. The morning session is a character-building course for parents and children. It includes various topics about life education with small group discussions. The classes have four main focus areas: dancing, music, art and performing arts. Parents and children choose classes according to their interests and talents. In addition, there are also practical workshops and seminars for parents. The topics include psychology, counseling, medical issues, and other helpful information. These sessions are hosted by experienced professionals.

“Don’t Hide Your Kids”

Besides sponsoring regular meeting and classes, Family of Joy has another important mission. It reminds parents that every child is unique and needs love and attention. Each one is precious in God’s eyes. They should be the “Apple of your eye!” So, “Don’t Hide Your Kids” is a motto to remember.  In order to get families involved in activities, a variety of events are held each year.  Parents and children are invited to participate together and interact with other families. One such event is hike at the zoo. Volunteers are welcome to walk along with the families offering help and support. Another annual event is a musical program. Parents and children join together onstage for a dancing performance. These activities help audiences better understand children with special-needs and inspires them to volunteer their time and energy to support these special families.

Final goal: Residence for Older Families

As years go by, both parents and children are aging together. They will need to have a lasting shelter when they face the practical issue of long-term care. Thus, the Joy Farm has been established to provide an experimental residence for the future. The concept of this farm is for families to be self-supporting by growing home-grown organic produce. Families are participating in building houses and working on the farm in hopes that one day they can find a place to call home—living as one big family as they grow old together.

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